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Children are exploring, learning and discovering new things everyday. They use all of their senses to interact, whether it’s picking things up to play, smell, or put in their mouths. Hearing is another one of those important senses that helps kids to get to know the world. And it’s just as important for you to know your child is learning and living to their full capacity.

Did you know?

Children experience both temporary and permanent hearing loss. We can help with both.

Hearing loss affects boys and girls equally.

Children with untreated hearing loss will likely experience difficulty learning.

More than 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents.

The sooner your child is tested the better their chances are of developing and learning at an age appropriate rate.

Children with permanent hearing loss are often provided treatment with hearing aids or cochlear implants as soon as possible to help keep them on track with their learning and development.

In Taranaki, hearing aids for children are fitted at Taranaki Base Hospital. If a permanent hearing loss is detected at Central Audiology, we will arrange the appropriate referral.

How do you spot hearing loss in your child?

Newborns are generally given a hearing screening at birth to make sure everything is okay. Even if your child has passed this, it’s important to watch for signs of hearing difficulty as they grow up. Indicators may be:

  • Limited, or underdeveloped speech
  • They are frequently inattentive when spoken to
  • Your child is having difficulty learning
  • They give unrelated or confusing responses in conversation
  • They often are unresponsive to their name being called
  • And they appear frustrated with background noise

If you haven’t checked on your child’s hearing or your child is experiencing two or more of these indicators it’s time to have them tested. We can test children from three years of age.

Don’t stress we’re here to help

At Central Audiology, we have experienced paediatric Audiologists, who understand that children are not just little adults. We can test children of all ages. When it comes to children’s hearing health the general rule is the sooner the better. With an early diagnosis children have a better chance of developing at an age appropriate rate and they’ll be able to get back to living life to the fullest.
We will look at:

  • Indepth hearing history
  • Check middle ear health
  • Pure tone or play audiometry
  • Otoacoustic emissions

What they’re saying

Want to test your child’s hearing?

It’s easy. Call us on 0800 751 000 to make an appointment.

Auditory Processing Disorder APD

This condition occurs children have the ability to hear, however they are unable to fully understand what they are hearing. This occurs due the coordination between their ears and brain. About 1 in 20 New Zealand children suffer underlying learning disabilities due to APD. If we assess your child’s hearing, and feel further APD assessment is required, we can organise a referral to a specialist APD clinic in Auckland.